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Rules of the Game. The Black Jack differ slightly from area to area and or from casino to online casino. For example, a casino in downtown Las Vegas may have different rules than one of the Vegas Strip casinos which may have different rules from a casino up in Reno or Lake Tahoe. The rules in a casino in may differ from those in Atlantic City, etc. Therefore, it is game what the rules are for the gambling casinos you plan on playing in. About Blackjack Definitions Advanced Players Card bets Counting Shuffle Tracking On the dealer's Blackjack immediate right is the money drop slot where all currency and tips Blackjack cards are deposited. Next to the drop slot is the discard tray. Play begins after the following ritual is completed: the dealer shuffles the cards, the deck is "cut" by a player using the marker card, and the dealer "burns" a card. Before any cards are dealt, the players may make a wager by placing the desired chips and number into the betting box. Play Now! Play our Game Other Blackjack Sites How To Play Strategies of Risky Business Once all the bets are down, two cards one at a time are dealt from left to right. In many Las Vegas casinos, players get both cards face down. In Atlantic City New Jersey and most every where else the player's cards are dealt face up. Should the cards be dealt face up, don't make the mistake of touching them! They are dealt face up for a reason, primarily to gambling a few types of players of black jack Online Casinos.

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